Career Transition

Career Transition Services
NEXCareer transition programs provide an innovative, comprehensive, employee-sensitive alternative to traditional outplacement service offerings. We are confident that our career transition services fully represent each corporation's best intentions for their former employees.

NEXCareer onboarding programs support organizationsí internal hires and external recruits in transitioning into their new role with measurable results. We provide the necessary tools and guidance to help manage the process, empowering talent to proactively accelerate their contribution within the first 100 days on the job, and build a foundation for long term success.

Executive Coaching
NEXCareer Executive Coaches are trained professionals. Our coaches provide counsel to reinforce priorities and offer feedback throughout the client's career. Executive Coaching is available in conjunction with career transition programs and post re-employment.

Organizational Consulting
NEXCareer also provides a range of strategic advisory, human resource consulting and expert facilitation to optimize the transition process for the entire organization. Our Organizational Consulting services include: management assessment, 360-degree feedback, culture change and integration, high performance team building, attraction and retention strategies, and employee communication.


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