NEXCareer puts your former employees in the top 10% of all job hunters and we do this by our key differentiators:

  • High Touch & Personalized Service. Clients are able to choose from a combination of high touch services - coaches, workshops, research team, consultants, and customer service professionals. Our staff members are very involved with clients and know them all on a first name basis. Many clients/employees opt for a combination of high touch services and the virtual service, however some choose either the online office, or in-office services exclusively.

  • Our Online Office. This is a first-to-market, one-of-a-kind service enabling our clients (your former employees) to be much more effective in managing their transition. This tool offers the ultimate in flexibility by allowing access to a wide variety of resources, anytime, anywhere. This resource puts NEXCareer in a class by itself; no other provider has such an extensive, customizable online tool.

  • Research Team. Our live, full-time research professionals are subject matter experts when it comes to career transition. Groomed in industry as executive search consultants and researchers, our team is accessible to clients daily through the Researcher-on-Duty Program. Experienced in creating rigorous, disciplined search strategies for corporations, our researchers turn the expertise around to benefit our clients - resulting in specific and targeted job market research and powerful, well-executed, search plans.

  • Research Resources. Our skilled research team collects relevant data on a daily basis, building upon our proprietary, interactive, customized research resource. From 9000+ Canadian/International Companies and 38,000+ key contacts/decision makers.

  • Cost Effective at all Levels. Our value proposition is unparalleled in the career transition industry.

  • Choice/Flexibility. Clients choose which services they want and how to access those services. Customers select from a variety of programs to ensure their departing employees receive the appropriate service.

  • 12 months of service. Every client going through a NEXCareer program has access to the Online Office for 12 months regardless of the length of their program.

  • Fast, Focused, Flexible, and Friendly. We offer quick responses to all customers and clients. We are focused on the needs of your departing employees. We customize our services to your needs on an individual basis.

  • Comprehensive. Our services cover all the basics of career transition, workshops, coaching and consulting, PLUS we have state-of-the art facilities and amenities.

  • Full-Time Resume Consultants. Our full time resume consultants are accessible to all clients, regardless of program chosen. Consultation sessions with the resume consultant are not deducted from coaching time - the resume consultation is a separate service.

  • Best practices. NEXCareer is redefining an industry that has changed very little in the last 15 years. We studied our competition, we learned from their best practices and we refined and enhanced them with innovation, customization and an online office.

  • Proactive. In redefining the industry standard, NEXCareer has created a proactive formula for career transition. Clients are proactively engaged by the client services team in the NEXCareer program, ensuring they receive leading-edge counsel, tools and resources. Each client registered in our program receives a personalized and customized career mapping blue print for both immediate and future reference.
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